Nodules on thyroid disappear. Investor came to me.

“Couple of things happened in my life at the same time. I was looking for funding for a business in the Caribbean, and during an ultrasound big nodules were found in my thyroid . I started to work with Terry to clear my blockages. I was also reading Master Sha’s books and practicing the chanting. Shortly after, I received a call from a potential investor that offered the funding. Several months later I repeated the ultrasound test and this time the nodules were gone, not smaller, but gone. Practicing the chanting is very important. Thank you Terry and Master Sha.”

Claudiu M.

Relationship Marketing Soul to Soul brings new business relationships

“I have tried the forgiveness practice you taught me, before engaging in calls with clients and prospective clients on multiple occasions and have had remarkable creative and synergistic conversations each time. I couldn’t help but notice, with a thrill of joy each time, how very well that particular call had gone. Just last week after completing this exercise, I landed a new client in 2 brief conversations. Wow! Thank you for sharing such a simple and transforming practice with me!”

D. A., Business owner USA

Chronic Knee Pain Gone

Dear Terry,

I’m writing to let you know that after hearing about what you are currently doing with respect to helping others, and your continued study in this unexplored science, has touched me. Listening to your enthusiastic belief, confidence and just plain being in your presence has been instrumental in me no longer experiencing pain in my knees. I remember asking you to assist me in climbing the stairs to the home we were entering. I also remember the day after we met I called you as I couldn’t believe the relief I felt in my knees.

I must admit when you were first discussing the topic I was Leary. Now, I look forward to what you have to say.

Ms. S

Extreme Leg Pain Relief

Most of my life I have suffered from chronic pain in my legs and ankles that comes frequently for no apparent reason, worse some days than others. I have been to many doctors and specialists with no answers. The pain killers they prescribed give no relief. At times the pain remains for 2-3 days where I cannot sit or lie down or sleep with the pain. I must walk and that is also painful. One day while with Terry, suddenly the pain came on. It became severe very quickly and I could no longer remain seated. I began to walk around while Terry used her Calligraphy healing treasure for me and began writing with her finger tips on a table. Within minutes the pain completely disappeared and I was able to sit down and appreciate our time together.

Ruth Nusyna

Swollen Ankles

My ankles were very swollen and it was painful to walk. Terry wrote the Calligraphy Ling Guang and Tao Guang and my ankles started to come back to normal as she was writing. I felt pins and needles sensations and tingling in the soles of my feet. By the time she finished writing , my legs felt much lighter, ankles looked almost natural and I could move them much more easily. Thank you Terry and Master Sha. This is truly a soul calligraphy healing miracle!

Adina Dimitriu

Chronic Knee Pain Gone

Last summer I felt a huge and very painful cramp in my right foot. Terry Nusyna, who was seated beside me, asked me if I would like to receive a healing blessing from her Source Calligraphy healing treasure. I accepted and she began writing her Calligraphy.

In a few minutes the pain was completely gone!!!! It was mind boggling!!!!

The healing blessing I received was beyond amazing!!!! Truly a Soul Healing Miracle!!!!

Dance Teacher's Foot Cramp Vanishes, Melelilia Uriarte