Terry is a dedicated servant offering her skills for maximum health and happiness in every aspect of life which includes:


  • Align your Soul, Heart, Mind and Body to
  • Transform physical, emotional mental blockages that affect our well-being.
  • Learn to transform chronic illness from the root cause.
  • Boost energy, stamina, vitality and immunity,
  • Learn the ancient wisdom and secret practices that can
  • bring health and happiness.
  • maintain optimum health and prevent sickness.
  • boost immunity
  • Rejuvenate​
  • Increase intelligence


  • Harmonize and balance relationships-personal and workplace.
  • Husband, wife children, family,
  • Business associates, employer, clients, new business relationships yet to come.
  • Your relationship with Money or with your business or career.
  • Spiritual relationships​
  • Find your true love.

Finances and Business

  • Abundance and Happiness
  • Align business success and financial abundance with your health and happiness.
  • Harmonize relationship blockages from the root cause.
  • Increase soul, heart, and mind intelligence
  • Maintain and increase memory
  • Reduce Risk in the Supply Chain
  • Feng Shui of a business or home